About Us

 Ash Block Printing was created by husband and wife duo, Mark & Ashley. Together, they design and meticulously print original fabrics by hand, reviving the ancient art of wood block printing.

Their fabrics are thoughtfully designed and printed at their home studio on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. They use the highest quality organic linen and eco-friendly ink to create ethically sourced and sustainable products for your home.


Block Design

We design each and every block pattern by hand and experiment using computer design software.

Wood Block Chipping

Our designs are expertly hand carved on wood by skilled artisans in India using only basic tools.

Colour Sampling

Next, we experiment with colour shades on our linen fabrics.

Colour Mixing

Eco-friendly inks are mixed by hand and are ready for printing.

 Pattern Sampling

Test swatches for our colour and pattern combinations.


Block printing is the oldest printing technique. It is a low impact and time-consuming process where we stamp one block at a time. Attention to detail is very important for yardage printing.


We air dry our fabrics and heat set to create washable fabrics.

Cut & Sew

Our products are manufactured by us and local makers.